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Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones 2 UFC 214 COUNTDOWN

Cormier vs Jones 2 UFC 214 Countdown Full Episode

Great fighters need other great fighters to push them forward and achieve greatness. And few rivalries in the sport of mixed martial arts can every match the ferocity and vitriol of Daniel Cormier and long time nemesis Jon Jones.

And at UFC 214 the pound for pound MMA great Jon Jones returns to start a new chapter in his career. As he once again crosses paths with an old foe and now reigning UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

Jon Jones is an athlete who has it all, but along the path lost his way. With all the skills and talent in the world, the former light heavyweight champion somehow managed to make several wrong decisions that for some time cost him his UFC championship.

Jon Jones returns at UFC 214

Jon Jones was the champion when the two previously met inside the octagon at UFC 182. In a fight which saw the champion win a decisive victory over the game challenger. Now he challenges for a belt against the guy he says was never really the champ. As for him, you have to beat the champ to become the champ. And now at UFC 214, Bones has the opportunity to show who is the best fighter in the world at 205 lbs.

For DC this fight is an opportunity to right the wrong from their first fight. In which he says Jon Jones stuck to his gameplan, while he strayed from the path and for him, this is the reason he lost in their first meeting.

In the first meeting, Cormier entered the fight angrily and feels this affected the outcome of the fight. But this time he is approaching things in a different way and not cutting any corners along the way. And while the last time they met, DC says he was there to fight. This time around he will be there to compete and for this reason, we will see a different outcome.

Jon Jones believes that Daniel is simply trying to convince himself that he can beat him. But when he steps into the octagon this time around, he will know he is in there with the true champion at 205 lbs. And while Cormier says he is willing to die to beat Jones, Jon says he better be prepared to do that.

With the legacies of these two phenomenal fighters on the line. When they battle it out for a lot more than just the UFC belt. This is history in the making at this massive event that is UFC 214.

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