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Why Jon Jones thinks Stipe Miocic is a bad Stylistic Matchup ● Theory

Jon Jones Discusses fighting Stipe Miocic

The UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has said that Stipe Miocic is a bad matchup stylistically. And that he would rather fight Brock Lesnar because he’s a better matchup… but why? Mindsmash explores the styles of these two monsters to try and discover why the preference for the p4p Champion?

We get to see the reasoning behind what Jon may believe that Stipe is not the heavyweight he wishes to test himself against. His style is that of the forward pressure and counter punching of Miocic. In much the same way as Eddie Alvarez vs Conor McGregor did not play out as Alvarez had expected.

Demian Maia against Tyron Woodley again showed how certain styles and body types can define the outcome of a fight. Tyron’s low centre of gravity, his strong wrestling pedigree. As well as his patient cautious nature made it extremely difficult for Maia to execute his gameplan. Making him a terrible stylistic matchup for the Brazilian.

And what about the style of Jon Jones? Well, he is an assassin, a strategist. They figure out a way to beat you before the fight even begins. They find ways to exploit your patterns and weakness. Requiring time and distance, to think about your opponent during the fight.

Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic

Why would this be problematic vs the champion Stipe Miocic? Well, Stipe has the best boxing fundamentals in the Heavyweight division. Forcing him to work harder to maintain distance as Miocic walks him down. Putting up against the fence more than he would like.

But Stipe’s power truly lies in his ring generalship and his ability to control his opponent one they are up against the cage. One thing he uses, which few other do in that division is to cut people off. forcing them to stay against the cage. Stipe will not follow Jon but cut off his attempts to run back to the centre of the cage. Forcing him to stay up against it.

Cutting out one of Jon’s main tools of giving himself the time to outsmart his opponent. That does not mean Jones wouldn’t beat Miocic. A bad stylistic matchup doesn’t mean an inevitable loss. Especially with such a talented fighter as Jones.

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