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Conor Mcgregor’s Self Belief Gives him Possibility to Beat Floyd Mayweather

Boxer Michael Conlan Talks Conor McGregor

Irish Olympian, now turned professional boxer, Michael Conlan. Says he feels that the self-belief of Conor McGregor gives him a chance to beatboxing great Floyd Mayweather. He has the ability, he believes in himself said, Conlon. 100 million percent! Floyd Mayweather has been a guy who’s impossible to beat.

No matter what it is, no matter what spot. If someone believes in himself that much. There’s always a possibility, there’s always a chance. Mayweather is obviously the favourite going into a fight with McGregor. He’s an undefeated World Champion many times. Beaten everyone they have put in front of him. But anything can happen, it’s boxing.

Look at Haye Bellew, I thought the first three rounds it was going to happen, but anything can happen in this sport.
Conlon says that he tries to replicate the mentality of McGregor, who manifested his destiny long before he was in the UFC, envisioning himself as Champion.

Conlon goes on to say that this is the way you have to be in the sport. Be mentally sharp, mentally focused about your future. And predict your future before it even happens. If you are doing that there if you are putting it out there it comes back to you. Simple as that.

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