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Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier FUNNIEST Trash Talk

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier FUNNIEST Trash Talk

The former champion Jon Jones vs the current UFC light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier. Is one of the most engaging feuds in the UFC today. The two light heavyweight champions despise each other and have been exchanging barbs and insults for over 2 years. And regardless of who your favourite might be between the pair. I think we can all agree that at the very least it’s been very entertaining.

While Jones dominated DC inside the octagon, outside it’s been more of a back and forth war. And it’s clear from both their public and private conversations, that they both hate one another. And in this video, we get to see some of their best trash-talk, with some of their now-famous one-liners.

“I beat you after a weekend of C#cai%e” – JJ

With much of the footage coming from the buildup to their second fight. Jones uses his first win over Cormier a weapon to beat him over the head. But not just that, Jon also goes after his family and crossing the line. And it’s not something DC takes too lightly, smacking Jones with a water bottle.

And it’s something we did see quite often in their interactions. As Jones did appear to get under daniel’s skin a number of times. And he referenced this in terms of why he lost in their first fight, as he allowed his emotions to get the better of him. However, in their second fight, DC believed he would be the one to walk away the winner.

“You are the fakes person, I actually admire that you can be this fake” – DC

Cormier Getting The Hate

We also go through the quite strange period when fans booed Daniel Cormier, yet cheered for Jon Jones. And this was after Jones had been involved in his hit and run incident. As well as testing positive for cocaine, so all in all quite a weird situation.

But none the less, these are some classic back and forths from two of the very best in the world. With some of the funniest trash talk, we have seen in the sport for the bargain. And with their second fight looming on the horizon, we know it will just get more intense as it draws near.

So let us sit back, relax and enjoy this selection of some of the very best, much of it hilarious trash talk. Between the current and former UFC light heavyweight champion of the world.

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