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Where Are They Now? Episode 1: Tait Fletcher

Where Are They Now Tait Fletcher?

For every Forrest Griffin and Michael Bisping discovered on the show, there are dozens of athletes who come out of The Ultimate Fighter having leaned MMA simply isn’t for them. Tait Fletcher was one of them and as we can see his life has changed a lot since leaving the show.

During the filming of TUF, Tait was regularly knocking heads with MMA icon and coach Ken Shamrock. By all accounts, Tait was not settling into his role as a professional fighter. Or at the very least he was not enjoying his time in the TUF house. And with a coach like Ken breaking you down day after day, ti eventually begins to take its toll.

Fletcher would eventually come to a decision that he needed to step away from the opportunity. To focus on something else he would like to do with his life. And in his case, that would be opening a new business with a friend and former UFC fighter The Dean of Mean, Keith Jardine.

Caveman Coffee And The Afterlife

As together the pair forged a new company aimed at just the type of customers who would also be fans of mixed martial arts. As the guys went about setting up the Caveman Coffee company. A product created for people who like to take risks and have the inner caveman trying to escape, or something to that effect.

Regardless, things have never looked better for Tait and the change from professional fighting. Where he did have two more fights after leaving The Ultimate Fighter. And into the world of entrepreneurship and working for yourself, for him was a great move.

Great to see some of the TUF alumni doing well after their fighting career is over. As we have seen so many time, some people are not so lucky. Continuing to fight on well past their prime and suffering physically and mentally as a result. Season 2 of “Where Are They Now” drops next Tuesday,

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