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Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes Full FIGHT UFC 189

Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes UFC Interim Featherweight Title

Conor McGregor finally earned UFC gold when he defeated Chad Mendes at UFC 189 for the interim featherweight title. McGregor was originally slated to fight the champion, Jose Aldo Junior, for the title. But due to an injury, the champ was forced to pull out. Here the man from Dublin took on a dangerous wrestler in Chad Mendes. A fighter who had at this point lost two times to Aldo.

But none the less Mendes being a wrestler was seen as a huge challenge to McGregor. Would he be able to overcome what many saw as his biggest weak point inside the octagon and take the UFC interim title? Having been sang to by Sinead O’Connor on his walkout. Conor looked for all the world the champion simply showing up to take what was already his.

McGregor vs Mendes Round One

And in a fight where at times Mendes did look like he could stop the Irishman. McGregor showed resilience and poise as he stumped several takedowns. Then, when on his back he was able to land some cutting elbows from the bottom. But Mendes was not to be outdone and during one exchange landed and crushing elbow. Which opened up a large cut over the right eyes of McGregor.

McGregor managed to escape the first round without receiving too much punishment from the collegiate wrestler. as the round wore on, his consistent front kicks to the body of Mendes seemed to be taking their toll. Slowly but surely breaking down the body and cardio of Chad before the end of the round.

Round Two

As round two began, McGregor taunted and talked to his opponent both during the fight and in between rounds, before the second round got underway. Conor once again opened up with the kicks to the body, pushing the air out of Chad’s lungs. But Mendes fired back and laded a huge takedown, his fourth in the fight.

Landing lots of elbows from the top, Mendes continued to inflict damage on McGregor. But not enough to stop the durable featherweight contender. Then with thirty seconds left in the round, Mendes tried to sink in a guillotine choke, which he could not hold. As Conor escaped and continued his onslaught to the body. Kicking and pushing the Mendes backwards.

Now withering, Conor continued to pour on the strikes, consistently landing on the gassed looking Mendes. And with just ten seconds left in the round, he landed a stiff left and which sent Chad to the canvas. Following up with a flurry of punches which forced referee Herb Dean to step in and stop the fight.

A great fight by all measurements with a finish that really summed up the career of Conor McGregor to date in the UFC. As the Irish man was finally crowned with a UFC title and a megafight against pound for pound great Jose Aldo Junior.

Don’t miss McGregor take on Nate Diaz in a rematch on August 20 at UFC 202. This is Conor McGregor’s chance at redemption after Diaz submitted the Irishman in their first fight. Giving him his first loss in the UFC. Will he retake the glory from Diaz this time around? We find out this August.

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