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Jens Pulver Overjoyed by UFC Hall of Fame Induction and Reflects on Legendary Career


Jens Pulver Overjoyed By Ufc Hall Of Fame Induction And Reflects On Legendary Career
Jens Pulver Overjoyed By Ufc Hall Of Fame Induction And Reflects On Legendary Career

Jens Pulver, affectionately known as “Lil’ Evil,” couldn’t contain his joy after being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, marking a remarkable milestone in his legendary career. As the UFC’s first-ever lightweight champion and a pioneer of the sub-170 pound weight divisions in MMA, Pulver’s contribution to the sport is unparalleled. Speaking on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Pulver expressed his gratitude and shared his experience of the momentous event.

With a beaming smile, Pulver expressed his overwhelming happiness, stating that his excitement hadn’t waned since the induction. The support of his family, and fans, and the electrifying atmosphere of the event left him at a loss for words. Pulver emphasized the importance of savoring every moment, taking it all in, and living in the present. The occasion was even more special as it was captured for the upcoming “Where Are They Now?” series, allowing him to relive the experience with the fans once again.

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Reflecting on his retirement from MMA in 2013 after a remarkable 14-year career spanning various promotions, including the UFC, WEC, Pride, the IFL, and ONE Championship, Pulver acknowledged that his Hall of Fame induction evoked the same emotions as when he was an active fighter. The routine of weigh-ins, saying goodbye to fellow fighters, and walking to the arena stirred up memories and gave him a rush similar to his fighting days.

Despite his long absence from the octagon, Pulver, who now manages the UFC’s Twitch streaming channel, where he hosts watch-along and engages with fans, revealed that being inducted into the Hall of Fame brought back that familiar feeling. He expressed his appreciation for the invaluable commodity of time, acknowledging that the fans’ dedication and presence were the greatest gifts for fighters. Pulver admitted to feeling nervous when delivering his speech, despite rehearsing it countless times. The emotional rollercoaster, the connection with the audience, and the rush of adrenaline mirrored the intensity of stepping into the cage.

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Pulver’s UFC debut in 1999 marked the beginning of an illustrious career that saw him capture the lightweight title in 2001. After leaving the UFC due to contractual disputes, he continued to make his mark in the sport by competing in various organizations. Returning to the UFC in 2006 as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter, Pulver later moved to the WEC to help develop the featherweight division, culminating in a title shot against Urijah Faber in 2008.

The recognition of Pulver’s immense contributions to the UFC and MMA was long overdue, and his induction into the Hall of Fame alongside his longtime friend and teammate Robbie Lawler felt like destiny. Pulver expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of support and acknowledged that the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The serendipitous convergence of past memories and present moments with fellow fighters and friends created an unforgettable experience.

However, Pulver emphasized that the best part of the entire journey wasn’t the ceremony or the honor itself, but the interactions he had with fans throughout the week in Las Vegas. The genuine connections, the conversations, and the ability to make someone’s day were the most rewarding aspects for him. Pulver cherished these encounters, regretting that he couldn’t sign every autograph or meet every fan in the limited time available. Pulver expressed that being back in the midst of the MMA community and feeling relevant again filled a void within him, leaving him even more fulfilled than he could have imagined.


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