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Floyd Mayweather Sr “As Long as his Hand is Raised, I Don’t Care How Floyd Jr. Looks”

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor With Floyd Senior

Floyd Mayweather Snr. was discussing the upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and his son Floyd Mayweather Jnr on the Mayweather podcast. Now despite what everyone has been saying, about how Floyd is expected by most people to end the fight quickly. Mayweather Senior isn’t thinking quite along those same lines. In fact, he is more so leaning towards Floyd just having his hand raised as being good enough of a result.

So as we think back to the time when this fight was first announced. We had every single boxer and trainer at the Mayweather gym saying the fight would not even be a contest. That McGregor would not lay a glove on the 49 – 0 boxing great. Now for the main man, to turn around and even elude to his son not looking untouchable in the ring. That McGregor may make him look bad and that having his hand raised is all that matters. It’s actually quite a major seed change from the initial chatter.

Does it show that there’s an inkling of doubt, however small? This Irish kid, the awkward, big puncher, with speed, range and a style we ain’t never seen before. Will he bring something new to the table, something we might have some problems dealing with? How will Floyd’s defensive game stack up? He may not be able to toy with this guy as we had first believed.

Whatever way you slice it, when senior himself comes out with a comment like this. It definitely shows to some degree, however tiny. That they now realise they have a fight on their hands. And that it may not simply be a case of Floyd toying with this guy until he decides to drop the hammer.

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