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Does Floyd Mayweather Fear Conor McGregor? (Interview Evidence)

Is Floyd Mayweather Afraid of Conor McGregor

It seems as Floyd Mayweather appears to be the only Floyd fan giving Conor McGregor has a shot at beating him. He initially called him out first. Perhaps the thought of a massive super fight, a magnitude never before seen in combat sports. From the first moment his name was mentioned, he’s has been on his case ever since. But since then, Floyd’s million-dollar mouthpiece has been less obvious. Very interestingly he hasn’t seemed as loud or expressing any motivation to win the mega fight.

Let’s take a close look at Floyd’s words and actions from the past. When at his prime he decimated fighters mentally before they ever stepped inside the ring. Up to the present moment where he now faces a fighter with the same mindset and determination of the then much younger Floyd Mayweather. Sport, age ethnicity aside, how much of himself does he see in the Irishman? Surely the striking similarities in how both men have approached their respective careers strikes a cord, however deep down inside with the 49 – 0 boxer.

One of the most intriguing moments for everyone watching will be when these two goliaths in the fighting world come face to face for the first time and joust. Not physically! But mentally and verbally. How will that initial coming together pan out? It will be an event in itself and will no doubt be watched with a deep sense of curiosity and intrigue. To see who, if either man flinches first.

Make sure to watch this space as we keep everyone up to speed on events taking place. Not just inside the ring! But also outside in the lives and minds of the athletes. As we look forward to the tectonic event that is Mayweather vs McGregor 2017.

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