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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Young MMA Sensation Will Perrin Claims Second Championship Title in Impressive Victory

Bournemouth, July 22, 2023 – In a remarkable display of skill and determination, 21-year-old mixed martial artist Will Perrin, hailing from Brotherhood MMA in Ryde, has added another championship title to his growing list of accomplishments. Just seven weeks after securing the Island’s first-ever MMA title at the Island Fight League, Perrin faced off against a formidable opponent, Joe Patterson of Olympians MMA in Bristol, for the Supreme Championship Flyweight Title.
Despite having only a month’s notice to prepare for the high-stakes bout, Perrin showcased his dominance from the outset. The young fighter delivered an outstanding performance, leaving no doubt about his talent and potential in the sport. With complete control in the first round, Perrin’s relentless determination paid off, as he sealed the victory with a powerful knockout in the second round.

Will Perrin

Brotherhood MMA, the gym that has been nurturing Perrin’s skills, traveled to Bournemouth to support their rising star, and their pride in his incredible achievement was evident. Perrin’s two championship titles in such a short period have solidified his position as one of the most promising talents in the world of mixed martial arts.
Looking ahead, the ambitious Perrin has his sights set on further challenges and opportunities to continue his ascent in the MMA world. Fans and experts alike are eagerly awaiting his next fights, as his performances have drawn attention and acclaim from all corners of the sport.
As Perrin’s career unfolds, he remains grounded and appreciative of the support he has received from his team, friends, and fans. With his exceptional skill set and remarkable achievements at such a young age, Will Perrin is undeniably an athlete to watch in the ever-evolving world of mixed martial arts.

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