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Yoel Romero vs Tim Kennedy full fight

Yoel Romero against Tim Kennedy Miiddleweight fight

Back in September 2014, the rising phenom that is Cuban wrestler Yoel Romero facing off against Tim kennedy in a middleweight bout. Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Kennedy had the task of stopping the speeding train that was Romero. Having blown through his first three opponents since joining the UFC. Yoel was a fighter building quite a name for himself and an obvious huge threat at 185 lbs.

But, if there is a fighter who is game to take on anyone, they need not look any further than Special forces Master Sergeant Tim Kennedy. A guy who himself had won all three of his fights since making the leap to the UFC. And now was the time for both these fighters to prove who would be seen as the next big threat to the division champion.

Romero vs Kennedy Round One

A tentative start from both men who are well aware of what each other can do. Both thickly muscled, Yoel Romero appeared from the outset to be the lighter man on his feet. Bouncing in and out, almost lulling Tim Kennedy into a false sense of security. Probing and prodding Romero landed an nice left hand which got Tim’s attention.

But there’s two men in this fight and Kennedy is doing his best to mix things up. Landing some nice high kicks and keeping the Olympic wrestler guessing. But Yoel is quick yo react and even quicker to strike, landing a stinging left hand which draws blood. And it’s Yoel who is having good luck on the feet, landing more and seemingly getting the better of his opponent.

A nice inside leg kick followed by a big takedown and Romero looks to be taking control of this fight. With Tim’s face now bloodied and bruised, he’s most definitely the one taking the most damage.

Round Two

As round two gets underway it looks like Tim Kennedy wants to try and bring the fight to his opponent. Pushing forward he is losing out in the exchanges, as Yoel is simply too quick to react. None the less he keeps pressing the action and doesn’t allow the Cuban to catch his breath.

And Yoel does appear to be slowing down a bit. With his mouth now visibly more open, he’s still managing to land those strikes. But he has also taken several kicks to the midsection and that may take a toll further down the line. With Tim now beginning to land more consistently, its all starting to take the wind out of Romero’s sails.

Taking the opportunity, Yoel gets Tim up against the cage, leaning heavily while at the same time catching his breath. But Tim Kennedy is a pro and an extremely well conditioned athlete and knows what he needs to do. And breaking free from the exchange he ploughs forward, catching Romero flush with several punches. Sending him reeling backwards and almost out, but luckily the buzzer sounds to end the round.

And making his way back to his stool, its obvious Yoel is badly hurt. Sitting down his team work frantically to get him back into he fight. It appears that he is well and truly both hurt and exhausted. And as round three begins, his team leaves the octagon without taking the stool. Forcing them to return which gives Yoel more time to recuperate.

Round Three

And as round three begins, the Cuban still looks exhausted. With Tim Kennedy sensing his opponents energy levels are all but depleted, he pushes forward. But Yoel is waiting and lands a body kick followed by a hard right hand, which sends Kennedy to the ground. As he follows up with a series of punches the pair grapple. But it’s Yoel who now has the momentum.

And as he swarms the now badly bloodied Kennedy who can’t do much except cover up. Referee John McCarthy jumps in the bring a stop to the action. With Yoel Romero winning the fight with one of the most controversial incidents, now referred to widely as stoolgate, the sport has known.


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