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Yoel Romero 6 Weeks: Countdown to UFC 213 – Episode 1

Yoel Romero Countdown to UFC 213 Episode One

How much do you know about Yoel Romero? Outside of him beating up all comers inside the UFC octagon, how much do you really know? In a truly in-depth look at both him, where he has come from. And where he intends to end up. We get a deep insight into the Olympian who at 40 years young aspires to be the very best in the world.

Still competing at 84 kg, a weight he first competed at some 20 years ago. A feat which is pretty much unheard of in elite sports, where athletes will move up weight classes as they get older. Romero believes he is on a mission from God, who has choreographed his life’s journey at every turn.

Now six weeks out from his fight against the up and coming Robert Whittaker at UFC 213 for the Interim Middleweight Championship belt. In episode one, we follow Romero’s rigorous training schedule as he enters camp. Romero also takes the time to greet fans and throw out the first pitch at the Miami Marlins baseball game.

Yoel Romero Still Fighting At Forty

But the main focus on this episode is to follow the top contender as he prepares for battle. Having been involved in elite level sport for his entire adult life. We do have to wonder if Yoel still has enough in the tank to claim UFC gold? Now in his forties, how much longer can he compete at the very highest level?

We find out for sure when he faces the much younger Whittaker at UFC 213. Will Romero be the first-ever Cuban UFC champion, or will he lose to the middleweight champion? It’s a tough fight to call, but we hope to see an outstanding bout between the two when they finally meet July 8th 2017 at the t-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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