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Yoel Romero Not Counting Conor McGregor Out

Yoel Romero Gives His Thoughts on Conor McGregor vs Mayweather

Top Middleweight contender Yoel Romero faces Robert Whittaker, this coming weekend at UFC 213. Speaking with Fight Hub TV, the Cuban Olympic wrestler gave his thoughts on the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match. Romero’s own brother who is a professional boxer and so it would be interesting to hear his take.

Yoel said that he doesn’t really talk sport with his brother. But did offer up his own opinion on the fight. Saying that they are both huge personalities. IsĀ it just business or are they really going to chew off each other’s head? Come on guys be smart!

“Who is Conor? Look at Conor’s personality. Conor cannot even think of losing a fight. And if we talk about the other one. The man who all his life has wanted to beat Marciano’s record. He managed to do it! You think now he’s going to lose a fight to somebody who is not even a boxer? They ain’t gonna tear each other’s head off.”

Q: Alot of people think it could be competitive, because of his power. When you hear that type of stuff comingĀ from MMA. What do you think of that?

“That’s a great question you know. All of us who are here. All of us who know the sport, for fighting, for martial arts. We just wait for the day of the fight. To see if Conor can do it.”

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