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Joey Diaz confirms Yoel Romero is Ogun.

Yoel Romero is Ogun with Joey Diaz

Joey Diaz tells the hilarious story about how is able to get inside the head of Yoel Romero. Citing a weigh-in which he said he didn’t attend, because he would have gone off on Romero. Firing him up by using religion to get him motivated.

Joey states that Cuban’s are radicals when it comes to religion. And that by telling Romero he was Ogun, the Cuban God of metal. A mysterious muscular figure who lives deep in the Cuban jungles. Who only ever comes out from the jungle when there is a problem to be solved.

Joey goes off in Spanish, rambling about what he would be saying to Yoel. He actually found himself in a similar situation with Anderson Silva. Who Joey says couldn’t take his eyes off him when he overheard him talking about Ogun.

Diaz talks about that whenever Cuban’s have a problem with machinery, they pray to their God of metal. It’s something that even predates Christianity according to Joey. And he reckons that if he had started saying that he was the son of Ogun to Yoel Romero. He would have gone psycho and thrown everyone of out the cage.

Joey says the whole thing would have been similar to that episode of The Three Stooges. When Curly gets to smell the wild hyacinth, which sends him crazy for some reason. But he ends up knocking out some eighteen guys in the ring. Joey reckons that is how things would have played out that night inside the octagon.

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