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Yoel Romero ● 40 Yo Freak Athlete Dominating In MMA ● When Huge Muscles Help You Fight

Yoel Romero is an athletic freak

Is it possible to have huge muscles and dominate in MMA? The number one ranked UFC middleweight Yoel Romero may have the answer you’re looking for! Mindsmash takes a closer look at the freak athleticism of Romero. His unquestionable explosiveness and ability. Cocooned inside a ripped body of pure lean muscle looking more like a Greek Adonis than an MMA fighter.

How does his body type marry up with his explosive style? Of course, we have the fast-twitch muscle that is more common in athletes of African descent, that’s just the way it is. And Yoel is amongst the very top of elite athletes with no doubting he could apply himself to almost any sport he tried.

But Romero chose the sport of wrestling in which he competed at an Olympic level for Cuba. Before finally making the decision to move across into the sport of mixed martial arts. Since his joining the Ultimate Fighting Championships, he has stormed through the division stopping many of his opponents in a brutal fashion.

Romero Brings World Class Wrestling

His pure athleticism combined with his aggressive style and world-class wrestling. Has made him one of the most feared competitors in all MMA. The Solider of God has been on a mission to be the first Cuban to hold a UFC title and may very well still get there.

Soon he will face the division champion Robert Whittaker in a winner takes all competition and the UFC middleweight title. Will Romero be able to realise his dream and take home UFC gold? No doubt it has been in his prayers by day and by night and God willing it will happen, he says.

So let us investigate Yoel Romero, the 40-year-old freak athlete who dominates in MMA a little further. As Mindsmash take us deeper than we have ever gone before!

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