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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Vale Tudo Championships 1 – Full Show

World Vale Tudo Championships 1 coverage

Founded by Brazilian promoter Frederico Lapenda, the World Vale Tudo Championships was the first No Holds Barred fighting contest. With very few rules Vale Tudo was a far more brutal version of what has today become known as Mixed Martial Arts. 

The promotions originally debuted at NK Hall Bay auditorium in Japan. After that, the following promotions would be held in Brazil. The promotion was the precursor to the Ultimate Fighting Championships and launched the careers of many stars within the sport including Mark Kerr, Pedro Rizzo, Heath Herring, Igor Vovchanchyn plus many many more. 

This video is a journey back to a time when guys fought for very little money, with some even putting the violence of the sport over the payout for competing. For many World Vale Tudo Championship 1 was the beginning of the UFC as we now know it. So sit back and take a look at where it all began.

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