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World MMA Awards Tony Ferguson Two Nominations Baby

Tony Ferguson Up For Two World MMA Award Nominations

UFC lightweight fighter Tony Ferguson at the World MMA Awards. Where the UFC lightweight fighter was nominated for the breakthrough fighter of the year, as well as submission of the year. El Cucuy wasn’t lucky enough to get his hand raised, but no doubting he’ll be back next year. None the less, it looks like he had some fun on the night. As the fighters and celebrities of the mixed martial arts world. Convened at the Venetian Las Vegas for the World MMA 2016 awards ceremony.

Ont also spoke at length about the rise of UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor. And how if the Irishman leaves the division, it will be because he was on the run from him. As Ferguson sees himself as the best 155 lb fighter on the planet, with one of the longest win streaks in the promotion’s history. El Cucuy wants to defeat all the very best along his journey. So that when he finally sits at the very top of the division, there will be no disputing his standing.

Few can deny that Tony is not one of the very best in the sport. And some would even say he has been very hard done by. As he has had to do so much just to get to an Interim title shot. But now as people begin to realise he is, in fact, the most dangerous fighter in the division, if not the entire sport. And with a potential fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov on the horizon. With a solid win, few could then deny him as one of the sports best ever to do it.

Tony talks about all this and more in this one on one interview about him and his future in the sport of mixed martial arts.

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