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The Artistic Science of Wonderboy Thompson || A Brendan Dorman Film Study ᴴᴰ

Stephen Wonderboy Thompson vs Vicente Luque Breakdown • Film Study • Highlights

Wonderboy Thompson, who’s recent loss to Showtime Pettis (beautiful punch that was “tricky” ergo hard to defend) had people seemingly forget the high-level striking of the Wonderman.

When facing a tough and aggressive fighter like he did with Vicente Luque, oftentimes his fights can look more like Karate for MMA Clinics, only my explanation is free of charge.

This study will be a bit of a dive into the artistic yet scientific version on Karate Thompson employs in a mixed martial arts setting. Some would say Machida showed the world that Karate can work at a high-level in MMA, and they may be right.

I’d argue that Thompson is a far more impressive striking, against far better competition. Without further ado…….


  • [No Copyright Music] Chill Out (Copyright Free) YouTuber Background Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpvQ2Ud6VS4
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  • (And of course that beautiful woman singing at the end, my favorite homegirl Haydee Irizarry, and my homies..)
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