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With Jose Aldo Out & Chad Mendes In! Are We Satisfied?

Jose Aldo Out Yet Again, Can Chad Mendes Fill the Void for the Travelling Fans

It’s been touch and go from the moment we first heard that Jose Aldo was injured. With his extensive history of getting hurt in the run-up to fights being well documented. It really didn’t look too good. Fast forward a few days, a few tweets, some frantic phone calls and everyone thought they could relax.

Turned out Jose’s injury wasn’t quite as bad as we had all been led to believe. Hell, Cowboy Cerrone fought with the exact same injury and even got the Win.

Be still our beating Irish hearts. Especially the ones which had already paid handsomely for the privilege of being in the MGM Grand Las Vegas come July 11th. No doubt a few celebratory pints were sunk post ribgate to quell the nerves and celebrate the massive title match at UFC 189.

Roll on another few days and as luck would have it, Jose Aldo has, in fact, had to drop out of the fight. After everything which had been said, the words of reassurance and the celebratory pints, it all came crashing down. Chad Mendes who has been waiting patiently as a possible substitute now steps into the breach and to fill a huge void left by the reigning featherweight champion.

In Mendes, McGregor faces a solid wrestler. It’s a style of fighter a lot of people have long thought would give McGregor the most problems. As Mendes steps in on short notice, with only a few weeks to prepare.

Will the Team Alpha Male fighter be up to speed for his shot at the Irishman. One thing is for sure, there is no love lost between these guys, with insults being flung long before this matchup ever became a reality.

How Will The Irish Fans React?

How will the travelling Irish react to the news, probably not very well. With huge investment both financially and emotionally from the UFC and the fans, one thing is for sure. Conor McGregor HAD to make that walk out into the MGM.

Not just for his adoring Irish supporters who had travelled from far and wide. But to the much larger pay per view audience who will be tuning in form all over the world to see the brash Irishman put his money where is mouth is.

While we are at it, spare a moment for the travelling Jose Aldo fans who are in a much worse position as their guy won’t even be there on the night. Now that has got to hurt in all manner of ways. The MMA blogosphere will be working overtime as the mudslinging continues in the build-up to July 11th.

There is no doubt a lot of fans will be fuming at the champion for once again falling foul of yet another in-camp injury, with many might say it was even expected to happen. Hey, some in fact even (MysticMac) predicted it…

Conor McGregor Makes A Prediction

The ball is now firmly in the court of Chad Mendes and Conor McGregor, as the last two men standing contest the interim featherweight belt. Let’s not forget the co-main event which has been lurking in the shadows throughout. With Robbie Lawlor facing Rory MacDonald for the welterweight crown. Fingers crossed none of these guys step on a banana peel in the hotel lobby. Don’t think we could take much more…

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