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Wilder vs Fury 2: Is The Gypsy Crowned King

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2

The heavyweight boxing world will come to a screeching halt on February 22nd. When two of the top fighters in that division, reigning WBC champion Deontay Wilder and Lineal World champion Tyson Fury will once again step into the ring to face each other. In a division where a few short years ago, not a whole lot of fight fans cared. Heavyweight has once again become the division to watch.

In their second time of asking, both men will look to secure a victory and break the deadlock on their undefeated careers. It’s a pick-em fight with the bookies giving Wilder the slight edge. And when you look at the stats and the recent records of both fighters, you can see why.

Since their last encounter which was back at the end of 2018, both men have two more wins under their belts. Wilder carried on where he had left off knocking out Dominic Breazeale and Luis Ortiz, both in devastating fashion. Fury also claimed his own wins but suffered a very bad cut in the process against Otto Wallin, which could have cost him the fight.

Now while Wilder knocked both of his opponents out, Tyson Fury grabbed a unanimous decision and TKO win. And there’s no doubting that the results and quality of the opposition since their last meeting is all playing into how the oddsmakers see this fight. As the Bronze Bomber remains consistent, while the Gypsy King hit a few bumps on his travels.

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury December 1, 2018

In what could well be a repeat of their last bout, most pundits expect Fury to outbox the WBC kingpin. But as we know, it just takes one shot from the man with the 95.35% knockout ratio to change the course of the fight. It’s an almost perfect record with one exception, that being the man who will stand across from him in the ring at the Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.

And while Tyson Fury is the only man The Bronze bomber has never stopped. It could be argued that he did, in fact, do exactly that and if not for a lenient referee who gave Fury all the chances in the world to regain his senses and climb to his feet. Not just giving us a moment in boxing history that will be remembered for generations to come. But also really signalling to Wilder and the world the kind of cloth from which Fury was cut.

Wilder throws a left hand at Tyson Fury

When the dust had settled and the scores were tallied, the judges had it as a draw. And we could argue this for days, but it is what it is. As now we will very shortly be entertained by the long-awaited rematch. Which we hope will finally settle the argument that has rolled on for the past year.

Baptism Of Fire

Will the KO King Wilder do what he promised this time around? Can he baptise the Gypsy King as he has done all others? Or are we looking at a better-prepared mentally and physically fitter, even hungrier Tyson Fury? We have to remember the preceding years and his much-publicised depression and road to almost certain ruin. Taking two warm-up fights and then facing a champion who is widely regarded as the hardest hitting heavyweight, perhaps in the sport’s history.

It’s a testament to the resilience and heart that Fury no doubt has. He proved many a naysayer wrong in a fight he was winning. And now, one man down, missing his trainer and friend Ben Davidson who helped rebuild him both in and out of the ring. How will he now look the second time around against the formidable Wilder is a hot topic for discussion.

But if we were to go by the opinion of his father big John Fury, this fight is all but won. As he drives the message home, whether you were willing to listen or not. That his son will enter the ring in much better condition physically, in terms of his sharpness and punching power.

The Aftermath

And with a solid win by either man, what next? 12 months ago one man stood at the very pinnacle of the division until Andy Ruiz Junior shocked the world and toppled Anthony Joshua. And while AJ may have lost some of his shine, once this fight is over with, he is once again the man to beat.

It’s a mouth-watering prospect and in typical boxing politics something we have been made to wait for. But at some point, the paths of these fighters will have to cross. And whether it’s later in 2020 or sometime in 2021, it’s a fight that must happen. A fight that will no doubt be the biggest heavyweight showdown since Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield.

Win or lose, as long as one man walks away the victor, carrying the WBC and world lineal titles. All the stars will soon begin to align for the biggest heavyweight fight of the new Millenium. The title of world undisputed will soon begin to catch a fire in the minds of the fans and those fighters who can attain it.

Heavy lies the crown of the undisputed world heavyweight champion. A title which relatively few have managed to attain through the history of boxing. As we look forward to the coming fights that we desperately wish to see materialise. I hope for all the world we are indeed looking at the next golden era of the heavyweights.

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