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Wanderlei Silva vs Dan Henderson Pride 33 full fight Video

Wanderlei Silva vs Dan Henderson 2 Full Fight

Known for it’s amazing fights and even more grandiose entrances. The PRIDE Fighting Championships was setting the standard for mixed martial arts events while the UFC was still in it’s development. Check out this fantastic intro for Dan Henderson versus Wanderlei Silva at PRIDE 33 – February 24, 2007. This was the second time these two legends would fight one another.

Some people may not be so familiar with PRIDE FC. Many household name fighters who you see today were at one time not known by the mainstream MMA media in the US. While the UFC had been growing its market share, PRIDE was hosting some of the very best matchups to be seen in the world. Here is an all-time classic between two legends of the sport Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson and Wanderlai ‘The Axe Murder’ Silva.

Hendo was already the Pride welterweight champion. While Wanderlei was the reigning defending middleweight champion. In their second fight Henderso was determined to show the world that he and not Wand was the number one middleweight in the world. And as Pride 33 was held on home soil, he was determined to do it in front of a home crowd.

Would Hendo be able to pull off an upset against one of the most dominant fighters in all mixed martial arts? He would be up against it when facing Silva who was known for his devastating and unrelenting attacks. Could Henderson’s H Bomb right hand be the equaliser that settled the score? Let’s watch as these two icon’s of the sport go toe to toe to decide who is the best 185 lb fighter in Pride.¬†And hopefully, at some point we will get to see these guys facing off against the best the UFC has to offer somewhere down the line.

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