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Vitor Belfort vs Luke Rockhold full fight video

Vitor belfort against Luke rockhold UFC fortaleza

Veteran fighter and former UFC champion Vitor Belfort faces Luke Rockhold in Fortaleza Brazil. With the American Rockhold on a nine-fight winning streak. He was very confident in his ability to weather the early storm and come out on top against the experienced Belfort. And a betting man might have to agree, but this fight would take place in Belfort’s home nation, so anything is possible.

And as Vitor begins his walk to the cage, we can tell that the former champion is looking focused and ready to go. With the Brazilian crowd soundly behind their hometown fighter. Belfort is in his element as the more experienced and let’s say, rejuvenated fighter inside the octagon.

Will it be enough to overcome the younger and fresher Luke Rockhold who as of late has looked outstanding. The former Strikeforce middleweight champion has been on a tear and now faces one of the toughest tests of his career. So he’ll need all the skills and experience he can muster to take on and defeat the charging Brazilian.

And as the slight betting favourite, it’s actually Rockhold who the smart money is on. Will they be proven right in this clash of old school versus new school? That has yet to be decided as the pair take to the octagon and we get set to get underway. With Bruce Buffer introducing the fighters, Luke Rockhold gets the customary Brazilian treatment.

With boos echoing around the stadium in Santa Catrina Brazil. The American will have an uphill battle ahead of him as the crowd gets behind their guy. It’s the USA vs Brazil in this middleweight clash to see who moves on to challenge the division champion.

Vitor Belfort vs Luke Rockhold Round One

As the fighters come to the centre of the octagon, referee Leon Roberts gives his last instructions. But on this occasion, there will be no touching of the gloves. With pre-fight accusations of steroid use by Rockhold against his opponent. Neither it seems is in any mood to be friends and are eager to get the fight started,

And as the action gets underway, the pair begin to circle, with Rockhold looking like he will be the aggressor. Vitor is the smaller man, but with his depth of experience and facing a UFC newcomer. It’s a fight with so many unknowns to which we will soon have our answers.

And Luke Rockhold is the first to engage, as he throws and misses with a big high kick, falling to the ground in the process. Luke is well aware that Vitor is most dangerous in the first 5 minutes of his fights. Not known for finishing opponents in the later rounds. If the former Strikeforce champion can make it through the opening first, the odds will surely swing in his favour.

Vitor begins to catch his rhythm and goes on the offensive, trying a spinning back kick that misses. But follows up with a combination and gets Rockhold up against the fence. With nothing happening the pair separate and Rockhold eggs Vitor to bring it on. Firing off his own low kick and letting Vitor know he is in a fight.

Rockhold fires back with another two kicks to the body which Vitor defends. As the pair begin to exchange punches, this fight is beginning to heat up. Luke throws his own spinning heel kick to the body and continues the goad his veteran opponent. But he is playing a dangerous game, which is proven just seconds later.

As Bellfort once again attempts and lands a spinning back kick to the head of Rockhold. Sending him to the canvas where Vitor follows up with punches on his already semi-conscious opponent. With one of the greatest knockouts in UFC history, The Phenom still has it! At least on certain nights like this in Brazil.


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