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Vasyl Lomachenko World Title Defense Against Jason Sosa 08-04-17

Vasyl Lomachenko Against Jason Sosa

The most successful amateur boxer in world history with 396 wins and Olympic double Gold winner Vasyl Lomachenko. Looks to defend his Super featherweight world title as a professional against Jason Sosa. In just a few fights, Loma, as he is known to his fans, has lit up the professional boxing world. Achieving a world title just a couple fights into his pro career. Following a shock loss, Lomachenko has since gone on to dominate all challengers.

In Sosa, he takes on a tough game contender who from the beginning looked to pressure the champion. But in typical High Tech style, Vasyl shuts down and offensive attempts. Using his command of the ring, along with lightning speed and accuracy. He repeatedly peppers Sosa with a range of shots that slowly break down the challenger. His face reddening due to the repeated punches, it began to look like a bad night for Sosa.

And once the halfway point came in the fight, it began to look like there would be no way the challenger could win. As rounds 6, 7, 8 and 9 wore on, it was soon nearing the time that Sosa’s corner was looking to stop the fight. And at the end of the 9th, his team finally decided he had enough. All the action took place live on HBO television from the MGM National Harbor, Oxon Hill, Maryland, USA April 08, 2017. Watch as many people’s current p4p best boxer in the world looks to solidify his standing as one of boxing’s greats.

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