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Camp Life: Vasyl Lomachenko | Episode 3

Vasyl Lomachenko Camp Life Vlog 3

Episode 3 in the Vasyl Lomachenko Camp Life Vlog Series. And as training for Aug. 5th winds down, we see what it’s like to spar the World champion.  We start the vlog with Team Lomachenko running the hills in California. Running is something Vasyl has been doing since he was three. So he is more than used to the training regime.

Vasyl talks about his father’s training style saying,

“He’s like a Senai like Buddha maybe? “

He describes their relationship as his father being a gamer and he is the game. So he sits down and he plays the game in the form of what Vasyl does inside the ring.

We get to hear from his manager Eglis Klimas who discusses what goes on during the sparring session. Vasyl’s father counts each and every punch during the training sessions. While his mental coach is recording everything on video. Ensuring nothing is missed in their preparation. Absolutely everything is recorded, everything is logged. Even including what he has eaten throughout the camp.

We also get to hear from his sparring partners who one by one explain what it’s like to be in there. The general gist is that sparring him is different from other fighters. His movement, his speed, the things he does are just different. And no disrespect to other World Champions one of the guys says, but Vasyl is on a different level.

Post sparring Vasyl explains how important it was for him to get in some hard sparring. It’s all about making his body feel strong for the fight ahead. And now that the day is done, he is ready for the fight itself.

We finish on Vasyl explaining that without his team including his father, manager, strength coach. That he would not be a World champion. It’s hard work by the whole team. One team one mission, that’s it! The Lomachenko-Marriaga world jr. lightweight title fight happens Saturday, Aug. 5th, live on ESPN from the Microsoft Theater in L.A.

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