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Vasyl Lomachenko || The Matrix ReLoaded | Breakdown • Skill Study • Highlights

Vasyl Lomachenko Matrix Boxer

“No más, la secuela.”

Vasyl Lomachenko often referred to as “The Matrix” as a hat tip comparison to the classic film. In which the main character was capable of movement that exceeded human comprehension. So far as to dodge bullets. After Saturday’s win over fellow defensive wizard and master of movement Guillermo Rigondeaux, a “ReLoaded” study is in order.

The Matrix-like movement is used to create offence as well. Loma frustrates opponents with his surreal footwork and evasion but isn’t technically a counter-puncher. He engages them offensively and at times seems superhuman inability to quickly see paths of attack and escape. This isn’t checkers, it’s speed chess.


  • Matrix Theme – Clubbed to Death (MCTR Remix)
  • Christ Wolf – New Story [No Copyright Music]
  • Rival – GO ! | ♫ Copyright Free Music
  • HOVERBOOTS – One [NCS Release]
  • Desmeon – On That Day (feat. ElDiablo, Flint & Zadik) [NCS Release]

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