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The Matrix Boxer Vasyl ● Gazing Into The Matrix (Highlights)

Vasyl Lomachenko Is In The Matrix

The Matrix Boxer Vasyl Lomachenko ● Gazing Into The Matrix (Highlights). There’s almost magic in the way Vasyl Lomachenko moves, with so much ease and finesse, he truly does look like a glitch in the matrix. Thank you for joining as we come to better understand why Vasyl is the way he is. Using unique techniques including puzzles and reaction time games. The training for the Ukrainian world champion boxer really does separate him from many other fighters in the sport of boxing.

And to date, this unusual combination of techniques has led to success inside the squared circle. Loma is a fighter who burst on to the professional scene, fighting for a world title in only his third pro fight. Such was his success at amateur that he was automatically elevated to title challenger in a super short time. So let’s watch what exactly what this pound for pound boxer gets up to during his training camps, as he prepares for yet another battle.

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