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Vasyl Lomachenko: Is This Matrix Style Fighter From The Future

Vasyl Lomachenko Matrix video breakdown

Vasyl Lomachenko is a boxer that has been branded the most futuristic fighter ever seen in a ring. His matrix style of fighting is unprecedented and extraordinary to watch! This is Boxing Legends TV’s first time creating a documentary-style piece and what a great piece of work it is.

Find all about who Lomacehenko is, his unique arrival into professional boxing. His amateur record and how it stands side by side with fighters down through the years. There are no doubting Lomachenko’s skill and talent. And it’s going to be a fascinating journey to watch as we follow the Ukranian’s career journey.

Greatness Awaits Loma

Greatness waits for the fighter with only a handful of fights on the pro circuit. But who already holds a world title. Boxing is once getting interesting as we move away from the loudmouth American style boxer. To the more cool and calm breed of Eastern European stone-cold killers.

With so much done in his earlier amateur career, Loma hit the big time like a meteor from space, obliterating all but one before him. And not with a world title already under his stewardship, he is looking to move through the ranks, capturing multiple titles en route. And all that stands between him and greatness, are some of the best fighters of their generation.

Can Vasyl Lomachenko place himself at the very upper echelons of the fight world? Garnering himself a top rank as one of the greatest pound for pound fighters to ever grace the boxing ring? With all the right tools and precision execution, right now as things stand he looks very much on course.

So let us take a close look at the man who many say boxes in the Matrix! A futuristic otherworldly style that has left so many dumbfounded. And a will to win that may see him be one of the greatest!

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