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McGregor vs Mayweather – URIJAH FABER GIVES HIS TAKE ON JRE Podcast

Urijah Faber Talks McGregor vs Mayweather on JRE

Team Alpha male captain Urijah Faber and UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt. Discuss Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather on the Joe Rogan Experience. Urijah and Cody start off by talking a little about the conditioning required to enter an MMA fight. Including boxing, wrestling etc which all require different conditioning.

A boxer who comes in and wrestles will be toast in a minute. Same as a wrestler who goes in and tries to throw hands. Cody references what McGregor said just after he had fought Floyd Mayweather. Where he said the shots were nothing, but rather it was his lack of composure. Whereas Floyd, on the other hand, knew Conor would become tired.

Faber believes that Conor did a good job of stay nice and flowy! Urijah gives the example of a high school wrestler vs an Olympic level athlete. When the composure of the high school wrestler begins to break. It’s then that the more experienced and seasoned veteran holds theirs, then goes in for the kill.

Urijah thought that is what would happen, but didn’t realise Conor would do so well. He doesn’t believe it was necessarily about Conor getting in better shape. Already a World Champion, Faber thinks that all it means is you can do more until you get tired. So the better shape you are in the more you try to do. Eventually leading to you gassing out she did in the 10th round of the fight.

Floyd Forcing Conor to Gas Out

Floyd was definitely letting Conor blow out more energy. But regardless, unless Conor was able to stop him. It was only a matter of time before he emptied the tank, going at the rate he was going. When you are trying to win you just keep putting it out, putting it out. So the fatigue would have set in either way.

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