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UFC World Tour Behind the Scenes Dublin


UFC World Tour Aldo vs McGregor Behind the Scenes Dublin

Tuesday 31 March 2015 and the UFC World Tour Aldo vs McGregor lands in Dublin Ireland. On the final stage of a massive whirlwind journey. Which is less than two weeks has seen their party cross three continents. In what can only be described as an unprecedented promotional push by the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

The roller coaster ride which was part of the promotional push for their July 11th title fight at UFC 189. Has seen all manner of the goings-on. With the two beginning their interaction in Rio De Janeiro with Jose Aldo giving McGregor the finger in front of his home fans to get things off to a raucous start. Then followed a series of major stop-offs across North America and Canada. Which at one point saw them being joined by welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler and challenger Rory MacDonald.

Aldo and McGregor Square Off

Throughout each stage of the UFC World Tour, the two have squared off many times with different results. The vocal McGregor facing the stoic Aldo, always with UFC President Dana White in the middle. Across the pond and on to London where Jose Aldo watched Brazil beat Chile at the Emirates stadium. While Conor McGregor watched the Republic of Ireland taking on Poland at the Aviva. Before finally moving on to Dublin and their final head to head before the bout in July.

Prior to the fans entering the Convention centre Dublin. Local and International media had the opportunity to question both fighters at length. Something they both have had to endure repeatedly for the duration of the tour. We took the time to take in the media day itself from behind the scenes to give the fans a flavour of what goes on before they get to see the fighters in front of the camera.

Let’s just say things are a lot more subdued when both men are not in front of the big crowd and under the big lights. With UFC president Dana White nowhere to be seen. The next time we see these two warriors go face to face it will be for featherweight gold in Las Vegas.

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