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Documenting The 10 Most Infamous UFC Street Fight Stories

Nick Diaz vs Joe Riggs

Back at UFC 57, infamous trash-talker, Nick Diaz faced off against Joe “Diesel” Riggs in a welterweight matchup. The fight inside the cage went the way of Riggs, who won via unanimous decision. But on hearing what happened post-fight is what caught the attention of MMA fans around the world.

As both guys were transported to the local hospital to undergo some checkups. They once again came face to face and as Joe recounts, immediately on seeing him Nick starts mouthing off. So the pair were separated into two rooms, with Nicks being further down the hall.

Then at one point, Joe had to walk past Nick’s room. And Nick who was now getting stitches once again starts swearing at him. To which Joe replied that he had lost the fight and needed to go back to the WEC.

So with that, Diaz saw red and launched himself at Joe, landing a right-hand flush on the chin. As Joe scrambled to get back up, he grabbed Nick in a Thai clinch and began to land knees to his head. And all the while with an IV hanging from his arm spraying blood on the floor.

When Nick’s brother Nate showed up he did nothing to quell the situation. And it wasn’t until the security arrived to break the pair up that things finally came to a halt! Well, the physical violence that is. As Nick continued to shout obscenities at Riggs who ended up thinking he was completely nuts.

Nick Diaz and Joe Riggs brawling in the hospital after UFC 57

Wanderlei Silva vs Charles Bennet

The fight that never actually happened? Well, we beg to differ as the pair have had several run-ins which have been caught on camera. With Charles “Crazy Horse” Bennett even calling out Wanderlei after defeating his fighter at a RIZIN event. But the fight in question dates back to 2005 when both men were competing in Pride FC.

Pride was debatably the best MMA promotion in the world at the time and Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva was perhaps their most feared fighter. But Bennet was known as one of the most volatile and unpredictable fighters in the sport. And when he got into an altercation backstage with Silva’s BJJ coach Cristiano Marcello, who quickly submitted him in a triangle choke.

Bennet was left lying on the floor until he came back to consciousness. However, what happened next is what’s hotly debated. As Charles recounts waking up on the floor with Wanderlei standing over him, kicking him to wake up.

As Bennet remembers it, he stood up and told Wanderlei no one was scared of him. Before picking up his jacket, then turning back around and punching the Pride middleweight champion sending him to the ground.

It’s a story which has neither been confirmed nor convincingly denied. And if we look at the following incidents where the pair came face to face. Bennett is always quick to recount what happened that night, much to the frustration of the Brazilian MMA legend.

And while we may never know for sure. Just the very optics of one of the most feared men in all mixed martial arts. Being knocked out by a guy who was 5 inches shorter and 40 lbs lighter. Would not do at all well for the Silva legacy.

Charles may be one sheet short of a full-stack, but he isn’t known for telling fibs. So we will have to file this particular event in the “we believe it did happen” column. And only those who were there, like coach Rafael Cordeiro will ever be able to confirm or deny.

Charles Bennet discusses his fight with Wanderlei Silva

Wrap It Up

So I hope you liked this run through some of the most talked-about UFC street fight stories which have taken place outside the cage. Featuring some of the most well known and most iconic MMA fighters from the world of mixed martial arts. And while personally speaking we are no fans of street fighting. I none the less think we have to admit that they do happen and often for the most stupid of reasons.

So when it comes to some of the most skilled combat sports athletes on the planet. Often facing off against certain individuals who want to test their metal. Then soon realising the mistake they had made. It does make for humorous, but what could have easily become deadly situations.

No doubt incidents like this will continue to happen into the future. But hopefully, with time at least a few will learn that pushing the wrong buttons on some of these individuals is not going to end well, usually for them.


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