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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Documenting The 10 Most Infamous UFC Street Fight Stories

Dan Henderson and Randy Couture

When it comes to true legends in the sport of mixed martial arts. Few will fit the description better than the former multiple-time UFC champion Randy Couture. And Pride welterweight and middleweight, as well as Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson. The pair’s names are synonymous with the sport, having defined many of the earlier years during its development.

So the question then is, how did two of the best fighters in the world end up in a mass brawl with nightclub bouncers? Well, back in 1995 both men were in Buckhead, Atlanta. And as they were leaving the club after a night on the tiles, Couture playfully pushed his buddy Hendo into a parked car. But an onlooking bouncer not being aware of the situation immediately intervened.

And an eyewitness to the event Aaron Crecy said that one bouncer picked up a baseball bat and approached the men. From here the verbal altercation kicked off, while all the time the bouncer was holding the bat as though he was going to swing.

So Dan Henderson squared up and told him he would stick the bat up his rear end. And it was at this moment that Randy Couture lunged at the bouncer, chasing him inside the nightclub.

Meanwhile, Hendo laid into two of the four security staff outside, putting them both down, then chasing another down the street. The eye witness recounts going into the nightclub bar to find it all but destroyed from Randy repeatedly throwing the bouncer over the tables inside the venue.

And to add insult to injury, when all was said and done, Randy showed up at the same venue the next day. During an interview process to become the head coach of the US Greco Roman wrestling team. And while having dinner at his table, was approached by the manager and a police officer, who asked Couture to leave.

Informing the USA Wrestling attorney who was there about Randy and some buddies had thrashed the bar and assaulted their security. But in the end, deciding not to press charges.

Dan Henderson And Randy Couture
Dan Henderson and Randy Couture when they were competing

Nate Diaz vs Clay Guida

The pair had previously faced off inside the octagon back at UFC 94 with Clay Guida exiting the bout the winner via split decision. A whole nine years later the pair met during the Combat America’s fight event. With an altercation breaking out which would see Guida being punched in the head by Nate, causing him facial injuries.

Fellow MMA fighter Tyler Diamond, who is a friend of Clay. Said that Nate approached Cuida who he was talking to, pushing his former opponent in the back. Causing him to fall forward and split his lip on a metal guard rail.

Diamond recounts that he tried to step between the pair, but got slapped in the face by Nate. And that they were then rushed by the rest of the Nate Diaz 209 crew.

A mass brawl broke out that saw Nate Diaz’s gang beating on both Guida and Diamond. And with Clay and his friend being on the receiving end, it for sure left a bad taste in their mouths.

Leading to yet another altercation at UFC 199, when the pair once again met backstage. With Clay informing Nate he would F* him up and his brother Jason Guida pushing Nate up against the wall. But according to eyewitnesses, that was about all that happened.

Nate Diaz and his crew attack Clay Guida and his teammate
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