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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Documenting The 10 Most Infamous UFC Street Fight Stories

Mark hunt

The former K-1 Oceania Grand Prix champion Mark Hunt is known for his walk-off KO’s in MMA. But long before Mark was a household name to UFC fans. He was knocking people out on the streets of his home city in Auckland New Zealand.

Hunt who is built like a Sherman tank was at a nightclub with his friends, when he saw one of them being attacked. Quickly rushing to help, the Kiwi was also beaten up by the group of men, but he wasn’t done.

After the police had arrived, Mark was still baying for blood and once again went after the men who had beaten him. Knocking one out cold with a right hand, he quickly followed up knocking out two more. And while the police did their best to try and control the situation, they were badly outnumbered as a mass brawl quickly erupted.

But working the door that night was a man by the name of Sam Marsters. Who was a trained martial arts instructor who owned a local gym. Marsters pulled Mark from the crowd and helped him hide from the police in the staff toilets. And having seen what he was capable of, invited the brawler to come train at his gym. And the rest as they say ladies and gentlemen is history.

Mark Hunt discussing his nightclub altercation and fighting career

Jorge Masvidal vs Leon Edwards

Not quite technically a street fight, yet still one of the most publicised out of competition fights in UFC history. And while one might argue that it takes two people throwing blows to be technically classed as a street fight. Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal’s assault on fellow top ten fighter Leon Edwards was none the less one of the craziest we have seen.

Following his victory over Darren Till at UFC Fight Night London. Masvidal was in the middle of his post-fight interview with UFC host Laura Sanko. During the interview, Jorge was as per usual casually answering questions and discussing what he had done wrong and what he did right during the fight.

However, the interview was cut short when fellow welterweight Edwards walked into Masvidals field of vision. Mouthed something then gestured to the still sweating Jorge. And not known for taking any prisoners, the former street fighter turned mixed martial artist. Masvidal informed Edwards he would have to wait his turn or they could go right now.

And it was at this point he broke away from the interview to confront Edwards. Quickly landing a barrage of blows on the Brit that he would later refer to 3 pieces and a soda. Leaving him with a cut cheek and a bruised ego. But in his defence, Masvidal claims he felt threatened by Edwards and his crew and acted purely out of fear for his own safety. No comment.

Jorge Masvidal lands his now infamous three pieces and a soda on Leon Edwards.
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