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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Documenting The 10 Most Infamous UFC Street Fight Stories

Alistair & Valentijn Overeem

One of the biggest names and physically biggest men in MMA. Former Dream, Strikeforce and K-1 champion “The Demolition Man” Alistair Overeem is one man who is not afraid of a good fight. He along with brother Valentijn was out clubbing one night in their home country of Holland. Alistair made a visit to the toilet but didn’t have any change to pay the attendant, which is customary in some venues.

The security quickly got involved and the pair were asked to leave. However, on the way out brother Valentijn was struck in the face with a torch by one of the bouncers and all hell broke loose. As both brothers went toe to toe with the entire security staff, hospitalised five and leaving Alistair with a badly injured hand.

The Strikeforce champion was due to defend his title on June 6th, but the fight had to be cancelled. As some days later Alistair made his way to the hospital complaining of a pain in his damaged hand. Luckily for him, he did, as a bad infection had set in. And on closer inspection, the hospital staff commented that had he waited maybe another day, his hand may have required amputation.

Not a wise move by the security picking a fight with two of the baddest siblings on the planet. But not all that shocking as to test their metal, many bouncers around the world are known for picking a fight with tough guys. Except for this time, when they found out who was the hardened steel.

Valentijn and brother Alistair Overeem being interviewed post fight

Roger Huerta

At one point in time, lightweight fighter Roger Huerta was the face of mainstream UFC. The first MMA fighter to feature on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Huerta appeared for all the world to be the future of the sport. However, all that changed when he was involved in a late-night brawl outside a city nightclub in Austin, Texas back in 2010.

Huerta who was initially a bystander observed a man sucker-punching a woman from behind, knocking her to the ground. The 5 9″ 155 lb Huerta quickly intervened, squaring off against the much larger Rashad Bobino. And while his friends tried to restrain him from getting involved. Roger quickly took off his top and chased after Bobino.

Now the details of what exactly transpired next are unclear. But the video of the incident shows Bobino lying on the ground unconscious. Before Huerta lands a kick to the head of the downed aggressor.

Huerta’s troubled youth is well documented, having a father who became addicted to drugs. Roger himself was the victim of abuse by his mother and when growing up would arrive at school with bruises on his body. So there’s little doubting that his own experience of abuse fuelled his internal rage when he saw Bobino beating on the defenceless woman.

UFC fighter Roget Huerta knocks out Rashad Bobino in street fight
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