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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle


UFC Fighters On The Boxing Machine

We in the MMA world have been hearing non-stop about how boxers hit harder than MMA fighters. Well is it true? Is there really that big of a difference between how hard athletes hit in the two sports? Here we get to see a selection of some of the best UFC fighters facing off against boxers on the arcade punching machine. With everyone from UFC lightweight champion Conor Mcgregor, with his run-up. World Heavyweight boxing Champion Anthony Joshua knocking it out of the park with ease.

Jon Jones breaking out the pillows. “The Chosen One” welterweight Champ Tyron Woodley. Francis Ngannou who may have damaged the machine itself. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion Can Velasquez. Former UFC middleweight Champion Chris Weidman who in all honest looked a bit goofy. Wide Boy Heavyweight boxing contender Dillian Whyte. Nate Diaz keeping it real! And John Dodson who packs quite a punch for a little man. Let’s see how this lot stack up again each other and settle this once and for all… For now!

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