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UFC Dublin – And That Was That!

Ufc Dublin.

UFC Dublin and Here We GO!

The UFC Dublin tickets have come and gone. Going on presale to fight club members last Wednesday 4th. Newsletter subscribers the following day and then finally general public today. It isn’t clear as yet, how many were snapped up before the general public finally got access three days later. It pretty much seems like right at this moment, there are only some hotel packages left at €275.

Along with VIP packages which range in price from €585, €795 to €1250, so not exactly for the faint-hearted. Adding insult to injury there are a number of tickets being sold by touts via some well know Irish websites, with some looking for €750 for a €150 ticket.

With the general feedback, we are getting from the blogosphere. It looks like there are some very unhappy fans who simply couldn’t afford to pay for fight club membership so that they could get into the presale. It may not be the most stacked card on the UFC calendar. But to Irish fans who have been starved of a live UFC event since January 2009 and with only two events over a seven-year period, it’s massive.

Even those Irish people who are only vaguely familiar with the sport have no doubt been getting an earful from their overly eager friends and family in the build up to the tickets going on sale. Now with what seems like alot of the general public being left empty handed. The next best thing which may very well happen is that the event is shown on terrestrial television.

Putting all that to one side for a moment. The 3 Arena on the night is going to be simply electric. It is sometimes hard to put into words how proud and vocal an Irish crowd can be when their very own goes out there and lays it all on the line. Make no mistake about it, this event which will be remembered by the UFC brass for all the right reasons.

Hopefully it will make them reconsider the long protracted periods between each time they return. As the UFC expands more and more into the European market. We see no reason why Ireland should not become one of the main staging locations on a much more frequent basis. And the UFC Dublin card this July will only help to hammer home that very point.

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