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UFC 218 Francis Ngannou vs Alistair Overeem Countdown

Dutch kickboxing and MMA legend Alistair Overeem looks to use his experience to shut down rising star heavyweight star Francis Ngannou. Who comes armed with incredible power and potential to the UFC heavyweight division. Overeem who recently lost to the champion Stipe Miocic now seeks to climb his way back to the top of the mountain.

Going back to his roots, Alistair seeks to bring his training back to the way which saw him achieve so much success in combat sports. Wreaking havoc across multiple promotions and sports, from K-1 kickboxing to mixed martial arts. With a career dating back some twenty years, Overeem is a fighter who just keeps pushing forward. Reassessing how and why he lost, then going back to the drawing board to fix those errors.

Having won every major title of note, Alistair still has his sights set on winning the UFC heavyweight championship. A final jewel in the crown to top off one of the most dynamic careers in all combat sports. But standing in his way is one of the most promising prospects in the UFC, The Predator Francis NGannou.

Four straight wins in the UFC and Francis faced off against former champion Andre Arlovski. In a test which with a win would either signal his arrival in the big stage or with a loss a step backwards. But the challenger is not leaving any stone unturned as he works every aspect of his game. Bringing in top kickboxing talent to help him prepare for his upcoming bout.

Ngannou vs Overeem UFC 218 Training Camps

Meanwhile, in Albuquerque New Mexico, Alistair Overeem is busy preparing with his team at the famed JacksonWink Gym. It’s his home away from home as the Dutch native regularly trains here before any of his US-based fights. And the decorated former champion is on a mission to prove he still has what it takes to capture the UFC heavyweight championship.

With more fights in just in the UFC than NGannou has in his whole career. He believes that he has all the skills and experience to stop the rising man from Cameroon. Securing him a second shot at the title against the current UFC champion. And for Francis beating a legend like Overeem would signal that he is amongst the very best in the world. Giving him his very own opportunity to fight for UFC gold.

Let’s Go inside the lives and training camps of these exceptional athletes as they ready for the career-defining matchups at UFC 218.

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