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Robbie Lawler vs Tyron Woodley UFC 201 COUNTDOWN

Lawler vs Woodley UFC 201 Countdown

After more than a decade in the sport, “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler now holds the UFC welterweight title. And is tasked with defending it against powerful wrestler Tyron Woodley. A fighter who is out to make good on his long-awaited title shot at UFC 201. With both men coming out of the same team it certainly makes for a fascinating welterweight clash.

And while Lawler enters the fight the favourite, you cannot sleep on a fighter like Tyron Woodley. Woodley is amongst the most explosive and devastating fighters in the 170 lb division. And every time he enters the UFC octagon, he does so with plenty of firepower. How this will stack up against Lawlers years of experience and the championship is another matter.

Tyron Woodley Is The Biggest Threat

As while Woodley is seen as one of the biggest threats in a stacked division. He has faltered on the path to his title shot, losing to former top contender Rory MacDonald. Before making amends and putting himself in this current position.

Robbie Lawler is just coming off an epic title defence against another top of the food chain fighter in Carlos Condit. Wich saw the pair going toe to toe for all five rounds, leaving everything in the octagon. Lawler once again had his hand raised and showed he is willing to give everything he has to stay champion.

And this time around in Tyron Woodley, he will face one of the most explosive wrestler who has transformed into a complete martial artist. Woodley has proved that he is the top contender and deserves his shot at the welterweight crown. And it’s an opportunity he is not going to waste!

A great fight where anything is likely to happen as a knockout is highly likely at UFC 201. With these two warriors meeting in the centre of the octagon to decide who is the best fighter in the world at 170 lbs.

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