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UFC 189 World Championship Tour Episode 10: Welcome to Eire

UFC 189 Embdeed World Tour Vlog 10

It started in Rio and it ends in Dublin in Episode 10 of UFC 189 World Championship Tour Embedded. It’s the homecoming featherweight contender Conor McGregor was expecting in the final stop in Dublin. The fans are out in Irish force and the tension explodes as McGregor grabs the UFC Champions belt. The reigning UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo obviously doesn’t like the move and let the Irishman know in no uncertain terms.

There is pandemonium at the Convention centre in Dublin as the champion and challenger exchange verbal, then almost physical jousts. Next time these two meets will be on July 11th as one of what is turning into one of the biggest cards ever for the UFC. And Jose Aldo has no intention of handing the belt over to the Dubliner.

It all started off in typical McGregor bravado and flair. With both men being slightly late for the event, Conor challenged Jose as to who was, in fact, the king, the king of Dublin. Now Aldo was in his city and not Rio De Janeiro where they have previously met. Conor is keen to take centre stage and show Jose that things are different in Dublin.

Conor McGregor Grabs Jose Aldo’s UFC Belt

With their back and forth rhetoric getting more and more aggressive as the show continues. UFC president Dana White is having some trouble keeping things calm, as Conor slowly turns up the volume one notch at a time. And with his lack of English and obvious inability to trade barbs with Conor, Jose looks somewhat like a fish out of water.

It’s then at one point when White turns his back that McGregor lunges for Aldo’s UFC title belt. Holding it aloft over his head while screaming that he is the king of Dublin and “what are you gonna do …” Aldo seems powerless in a setting that was created for McGregor to shine. Shine on you crazy diamond Conor at UFC 189 …

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