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Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 Full Fight

What can be said about this trilogy that has not already been said? As two of the biggest men in heavyweight boxing WBC and Lineal champion Tyson Fury. Faced the former WBC champ Deontay Wilder, in what many believe to be their final fight. As Wilder looked to right the wrongs and prove he can once again reclaim the heavyweight title.

In a fight many were predicting would go much like the first two. Wilder the big puncher looking to stop Fury decisively. with the champion seeking to use his superior boxing to keep Wilders power a bay. Peppering him with combinations, breaking down the former undefeated fighter from Alabama.

And from the get-go, we could immediately see the difference in the offensive style of Wilder. As he began by jabbing Fury to the body at range. Staying well away and landing some stinging body shots to the now hulking two hundred and seventy-pound man from Morecambe.

Wilder himself entered the fight at his heaviest ever weight, some two hundred and thirty-eight pounds. At a fighting weight at many people were eager to see what would happen. How would his body react to carrying that extra muscle? While Fury has reportedly weighed up to some four hundred pounds. Deontay’s frame never had to deal with such an excess of weight.

But as the rounds progressed it seemed that Wilder was in fact holding up pretty well. Continuing to exchange with Tyson Fury, with the champion beginning to gain some composure and answer back with some one-two combinations. So while Deontay was landing some telling shots, it was Fury who was landing the more significant shots of the fight.

Tyson Fury was now doing what many had expected him to do. Using his significant size advantage to lean into Wilder, making him carry his weight. But the referee was quick to step in and warn the champion not to use the headlock on his opponent. Separating the fighters and allow them to continue the dance.

And it would be in the latter stages of round three that Fury would eventually land his right hand. Blitzing Wilder with a follow on uppercut that sent him to the canvas. But with just seconds left in the round, the challenger would make it back to his corner.

Round Four In the Fight

With a now wobbled Deontay Wilder, Fury began to turn it on in the fourth. Again pushing forward with his combinations, answering any and all big overhand rights being landed. But late into the round and how quickly the tables turn! as Wilder lands a shuttering right hand that shook Fury to his very core.

With Fury up on his feet and now holding on, Wilder once again landed another stiff right hand that downed the champion. But with only seconds left in the round, Tyson makes sit to the end but appear wobbly on his feet. How will he look with just one minute’s rest?

But there is a reason that the British fighter is regarded as the worlds best heavyweight. Coming out in the fifth and not only going after Wilder but hurting him early. A testament not only to his boxing skills, but also the unsung hero, his chin. And with no man willing to give an inch in this game of inches. This fight was still too close to call.

And with the rounds progressing, it is the champion who is now beginning to take control. While Wilder’s bulk has allowed him to match Fury in the wrestling. Over time it’s now beginning to drain his energy as he struggles to deal with the increasing success of the Gipsy King.

Round Seven Hard Shots

As we entered round seven of the fight, we can see that Tyson Fury is now beginning to land more consistently. While Deontay is having some luck, it’s the champion who lands a hard right hand followed by a left that has Wilder staggering again the ropes. He looks to be out on his feet, but not out of the fight. However, Fury is unable to seal the deal and the fight will see the eight.

With the doctor stepping into the ring at the beginning of the ninth to speak to Deontay Wilder. For a moment we thought the fight may be over! But the former WBC kingpin is eager to continue his quest and it’s all go once again. As both fighters go blow for blow, Wilder is looking tired, really tired.

And into the tenth, its fury who looks the fresher. He’s landing those combinations and pushing Wilder back against the ropes. But with Deontay always being just a punch away from ending the fight, Fury has to be careful. As in close, he lands a solid right hand and Wilder is once again on the canvas.

Deontay Wilder Is Almost Out

It’s Wilder who is now holding on, drained physically and no doubt mentally. Having seen his opponent injured and down, but was unable to put him away. He has now used everything he has to end the fight, but it hasn’t worked. But with his own flurry, Wilder still manages to keep those watching on their toes. Could he still pull this one out of the fire?

Tyson Fury Knocks Out Deontay Wilder
Tyson Fury knocks out Deontay Wilder to retains his titles

But it’s the eleventh round now and it’s Fury who rocks his opponent. Another hard right-hand buckle the legs of his opponent. And with Deontay Wilder now really struggling to hold on. A series of combinations, followed up by a huge right hand finally seals the deal. As Wilder hits the canvas hard, the fight is over. No count by the referee who has seen enough, as the gipsy king Tyson Fury retains is WBC and lineal heavyweight crowns.


85 / 100
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