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Tyson Fury vs Antony Joshua The fight Is On!

Anthony Josh vs Tyson Fury world Championship

You know every so often a piece of combat sport news breaks which brings a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. And the latest being that newly crowned WBC champion Tyson Fury is set to face the WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO champion and fellow Brit Anthony Joshua. Thereby unifying the titles and for the first time in twenty years, give boxing an undisputed world heavyweight champion.

As of right now, former WBC belt holder Deontay Wilder has stepped aside, allowing for the historic fight to take place. All eyes of the boxing world will be on developments in the United Kingdom as the fight which has been officially pencilled in for December 2020 draws near.

The last time an undisputed champion ruled the division was yet another British fighter in the form of Lennox Lewis. And while his reign as undisputed may have been short-lived, Lewis will forever be remembered as one of the greatest of all time, dominating in a golden era of heavyweight boxing. So a lot to live up to for the new kids on the undisputed block.

But Tyson Fury and Antony Joshua are just two amongst a host of talent which has seen a resurgence in boxing over recent years. Whether you are a boxing head or not, you have to admit that for a time the sport became somewhat stale. As the Ultimate Fighting Championships led the charge, many fans who may have otherwise turned to the sweet science, instead turned their attention to mixed martial arts. Combine that with a distinct lack of star power and boxing had most definitely seen better days.

Roll on several years and the embers of a new era began to once again stoke some interest. As fighters with big hearts and even bigger personalities began to breakthrough. Boxing would once again begin to catch on and ignite the imagination of fans around the world.

the best Of British Boxing

There was a time when British based heavyweights including the likes of Herbie Hyde, Frank Bruno and Lennox Lewis held their own on the world stage. However, that time had come and gone with David Haye being the last one to hold a world championship back in 2009.

Right now things have changed with the UK sports seeing a resurgence featuring the two best heavyweights on the planet. Along with a whole host of up and coming, as well as established vets who are there or thereabouts in the very top echelons of the sport.

Could we be witnessing a prolonged period of British dominance? Might this be what the history books look back on as a golden era in British heavyweight boxing, only time will tell? But right now, one thing we do know (Floyd)! At some point, hopefully, later in 2020 Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury will step into the squared circle to face off and determine who will be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

And it won’t just be British fans on the edge of their seats come fight night. As we have two fighters just one generation removed from the ancestral home of their parents. With Anthony Joshua’s mother who is originally from Nigeria, while his father has both Nigerian and Irish Ancestry.

While both of Tyson Fury’s parents being from the Irish travelling community, with Tyson himself having represented Ireland in the European championships. Having also won the Irish heavyweight title, after which he commented;

“I vacated those belts (referring to the British and Commonwealth titles) for an Irish title shot because it meant more to me. All my people are from Ireland. I was born in Manchester but I am Irish.

Tyson Fury

Sorry, I had to get that in there, as we are such a small nation, we have to take what we can get. But with both fighters consistently paying homage to their ancestral homes, it kinda makes sense.

Fury vs Joshua Who Would Win

How long is a piece of string, no seriously? Predictions make fools of otherwise smart people. And like all great match-ups, its fight that could go either way. With both fighters having proved themselves time and time again. Showing that when the chips are down, they are able to come back from adversity. One thing we do know (Floyd) is that both men will bring it come fight time. And regardless of the outcome, with legions of loyal fans in support, it’s sure to be an epic night of action.

Anthony Joshua Landing A Stiff Right Hand Son Andy Ruiz.
Anthony Joshua lands a right hand on Andy Ruiz in their rematch

Both bring their own unique set of skills, heart and determination to this fight. And with very different styles, the old adage about them making fights is very apt. Two huge heavyweights with tonnes of experience on the big stage. Neither will shy away from the sheer magnitude of the event itself, which will make either man one of the greatest British fighters of all time.

But how will it work when booking a massive stadium venue for December with Covid-19 still hanging around. In 2020, can any large sports event be planned with any degree of certainty? Or may we be looking at a half-full venue with some form of social distancing being implemented? Even worse, a small venue with only essential staff in attendance? I doubt very much the last option would be a goer, but we simply don’t know how things will pan out in the months and years ahead.


For now, it’s a game of sit and wait. Wait to see what the authorities say, wait to see how the promoters wrangle over details. With an eye to making as much money from the fight as humanly possible. Will this fight, no matter what, be played out on British soil? Or will a massive bidder with a bottomless pit for a wallet step in and temp away the biggest fight in the history of British boxing?

Money talks people and with the overhanging fear and uncertainty created by this pandemic. It makes it easier for those in charge to find their reasons. But until proven otherwise, for now, let’s stay positive. As with one of the biggest boxing matches of the last twenty years now on the horizon. There is some light ahead, in fact, a great big floodlight fixated on two of the biggest stars in world sports. As they stand across from each other in the ring. Sport was made for moments like this and I for one cannot wait.

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