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Joshua, Wilder, His Comeback and More | Exclusive Tyson Fury interview #TheMacIsBack

Tyson Fury Talks Opponents and Comebacks

The linear world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury spoke exclusively to BT Sport. Ahead of Billy Joe Saunders’ WBO middleweight title defence against David Lemieux in Montreal. Fury, who has been away from boxing now for over two years, sat down to talk all things boxing.

With his case now cleared and being able to once again box. As well as him only recently welcoming his fourth child into the world. Things are starting to look up for the British born world champion. The last time we saw him inside the ropes, he took all of the belts from the dominant Wladimir Klitschko.

But with two years away from the sport, others have risen to the challenge. And the landscape now looks very different to when Fury stepped away. From unified world champion Anthony Joshua to Deontay Wilder, Fury is now faced with the potential to return and face some huge challenges.

With fellow Brit Joshua sitting at the top of the heavyweight stack. Fury is setting his sights on a successful comeback which will see him once again claim what he believes is rightfully his.

And Tyson is quick to point out that he doesn’t believe that Anthony Joshua is necessarily at the top of the heavyweight pile. Saying that he feels that American heavyweight Deontay Wilder has the tools to take him out. He also talks about how Klitschko was winning the fight against Joshua. Before he landed the power punches which stopped the dazed champion in his tracks.

It’s a style which he believes will not give him much trouble should they meet. Of course, he will always have a punchers chance. but outside of that Fury believes he will outbox the reigning champ.

The Linear World Heavyweight Champion

Tyson says that he doesn’t have his eyes on any particular fight. Adding, that as the linear champion, “these other fighters need me to cement their legacy.” Stating that they may have whatever alphabet titles they like, but his belt is the one which really counts.

Fury believes that when he is fit and able he will return. He doesn’t want to come back and simply perform but look his best. And at the age of 29, he feels that the two years away from the sport will have had very little effect on his abilities.

As an experienced campaigner in the sport. Tyson Fury reckons that he now understands the sport, the entertainment and business side of boxing. He studies the sport and any heavyweights in his domain. He knows their style and their records. And is not just in it to train, fight and go home. Describing himself as a chip off the old block in terms of old school fighters.

Fury says that he now has the fire back. And that a man like him is a very difficult man to beat. #TheMacIsBack

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