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Can Tyron woodley Return to Dominance vs Colby?


Can Tyron Woodley Return to Dominance vs Colby Covington?

At one time Tyron Woodley was chosen to be the best fighter in the world at 170 lbs. With his name being mentioned alongside some of the greats in the sport, the world was seemingly at his feet. Looking like he would dominate for some time to come, few predicted would happen next. As through either through complacency or a simple miscalculation, Woodley abruptly fell from grace.

After T Woods crushing defeat of highly touted Darren Till. Many saw his next fight with former Blackzillian fighter Kamaru Usman as all but a done deal. Woodley had looked sharp, super focused and ready to crush all comers. But the hungry and skilled challenger Usman had some other ideas, big ideas.

As Usman‘s fight with the champion at UFC 235 signalled a changing of the guard at the top of the welterweight division. A loss that triggered Woodley’s slide as the best 170 lb fighter on the planet. With yet another decisive defeat in his next bout against Gilbert Burns. Tyron’s loss of position, as one of the sport’s greats, looked beyond doubt.

Seemingly focused on other things besides his career inside the octagon. Many have questioned Woodley’s current hunger to be the best in the world. Splitting his time between being an entertainer and mixed martial artist. As to what path he would choose in the years to come was now down to him.

Covington vs Woodley UFC Fight Night

Yet few can doubt that there is one person who can push the former champion focus, more than his next opponent Colby Covington. With the pair having gone back and forth over the past several years. Covington more than anyone else has been someone who Woodley looked to silence, permanently.

The embodiment of all that Tyron sees wrong with his country. Covington symbolises those who he feels wish to stand in his way and stub out the dreams and accolades he has worked so hard to achieve. And now, when he faces him on September 19th. He will finally have the opportunity to put some of those demons to rest.

Coach Brendan Dorman breaks down what the former 170 lb champion brings to the table. And entering the fight as the underdog, which T Wood will come to fight, we shall have to wait and see.

“Tyron Woodley vs. Colby Covington will be a career defining moment this coming Saturday (9/19/20), and somewhat surprisingly Colby comes into this fight as a massive favorite (-400 v Woodley +300) after his recent 5 round war with current champion Kamaru Usman.”

Brendan Dorman Breakdown

With the tables now having turned as the former champion is now the guy in the chasing pack. Will he be able to reignite the the fire which first drove him to capture UFC gold?

“If Colby wins, it would certainly signify to the pundits that a fight with Khamzat Chimaev is next (jk) and of course the focus of this video, Tyron Woodley, would not only get some fan points, but (I think he has to) finish his arch-nemesis going back years now.”

Brendan Dorman Breakdown

A Very Public Spat

With these two having their very public spats, there can be little doubting the disdain in which they hold one another. Colby very much sees himself as the American dream, while for Tyron, Covington symbolises the American nightmare. An embodiment of all that he sees wrong in the land he calls home. And so, one the surface, its a fight for much more than a place in the UFC rankings.

With a win over Covington, Woodley will reemerge as a clear and present threat at 170 lbs. And for Covington, a win will just confirm what he has been saying about the former champion for a long long time. Two of the best in the world, with two very different individual outlooks, politically and personally?

How they settle the score at the UFC Apex will tell us a lot about the future of the division. Anything more than that may remain them.


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