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Tyron Woodley: Georges St-Pierre is Playing Games – If you Want to Fight then Fight!

Tyron Woodley talks with BT sports

The UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley joined BT Sport in the UK for an exclusive interview. He reflects on his previous two title defences against Stephen Wonderboy Thompson. Tyron gives his thought on that fight and how he was the fighter who forced the referee to consider stopping both of their fights.

Woodley says that he would rather fight a guy who is more of a freestyle fighter, rather than a specialist. But again he has to go out and take another opponent out of that speciality. Woodley references his previous fights against Andre Galvao and Jake Shields. Where his whole camp was about preventing the takedown. So there’s no secret what he will have to try to do against Maia.

The conversation moves on to the former champion Georges St Pierre. And him talking about making a return. Tyron simply says that he doesn’t have time to play games. He goes on to talk about how he listened into Michael Bisping’s podcast as GSP had called the show. On which again he said that wanted to fight the middleweight Champion. At this point, Woodley thinks GSP is just playing games. And he has to focus on Maia and cannot think too far ahead.

Tyron believes that the reason that GSP doesn’t want to fight him, is that he is a wrestler who KO’s people. Those are the types of fighters GSP has had trouble with in the past. And so he feels he want to take a different route and avoid the Welterweight Champion.

Tyron sees the GSP fight as a dream fight, but he cannot get emotionally involved. Because it may or may not happen. T Wood also feels that Georges doesn’t want to risk his legacy as a welterweight. So by fighting Bisping and co his record at welterweight will remain intact. He also talks about the lack of marketing by the UFC. How he has had to make himself marketable so that the UFC would follow suit. As Tyron says, it’s his career and he has to be responsible for that himself. He just has to keep doing what the is doing.

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