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UFC 181 Travis Browne vs Brendan Schaub Fight

Travis Browne and Brendan Schaub Fight at UFC 181

It’s UFC 181 and Travis ‘Hapa’ Browne with another first-round stoppage when KO’ed Brendan Schaub in their UFC 181 heavyweight fight. Browne in the co-main event at UFC 203 against an opponent who has previously defeated him in Fabricio Werdum. Can Hapa claim back the loss from the former heavyweight champion in Cleveland and put himself back in the title race?

Brown shows his potential in the heavyweight division and what he has to offer. Cheered on by his cornerman, Edmond Tarverdyan. Browne puts in a stellar performance to establish himself as a rising force in the UFC heavyweight division. For Schaub it’s a position he may yet come back from, following yet another loss at the very top of the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Browne will be looking to move on from this win and make a statement as he attempts to climb the rungs of the heavyweight ladder all the way to the very top. What is more interesting is what will Schaub do next as he ponders his future in the sport. With an inconsistent record when he faces the very top of the division, is there a route through to the top for the young heavyweight?

Travis Browne Imposing His Will

In this fight, Travis Browne showed some improving standup and ground game as his ground fighting led the eventual TKO stoppage at four minutes fifty minutes of the very first round. Stalking Schaub throughout the round Browne looked like a man on a mission, as he cornered and coraled his opponent.

And while Schaub did manage to get an early takedown, it was eventually Browne who would exert his gameplan on his opponent. And it was Browne in the end who managed to finish the fighter with a superior ground game. Giving him another win inside the octagon and moving him one step closer to the UFC title.

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