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Is Tony Ferguson The Type Of Guy?

Will Tony Ferguson Be The Type Of Guy To Never Get His Title Shot?

Since his last loss to Michael Johnson in 2012, Tony Ferguson has been on a tear. He has gone on to win twelve straight fights. Becoming the UFC Interim lightweight champion along the way, a stepping stone to the main goal of winning the UFC title. With the next obvious step being a career-defining unification bout with the division champion.

That would be a normal assumption, in a world where normal things happen. But the way things have gone, some might think are we dealing with the paranormal? With a fight that was supposed to take place on five separate occasions. Ferguson has never got his crack at the pound for pound number one lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Ever since taking the title at UFC 223, The Eagle has been sitting on top of his perch surveying the prey below. And somewhere in amongst the flock is El Cucuy, the boogeyman of the 155 lb division. The guy who without a shadow of a doubt is the number one contender in a division chockablock with standout fighters. But making that fight has become a real-life reoccurring nightmare for all involved.

Whether it is Khabib himself, Tony or some unforeseen roadblock, this fight just cannot get made. It’s as though the MMA Gods have waved their finger in disapproval gesturing “thou shalt not pass.” When things were looking up and there was some light at the end of this seemingly unending tunnel. They may have even have gone so far as to bring a plague upon the world, just to put a stop to this fight ever taking place! Hey, it’s possible!

UFC 249 Is Finally Here Minus The Champion

And now that UFC 249 just a few short days away, with the champion Khabib Nurmagomedov stuck up a mountain somewhere in Dagestan. In steps someone who may not just upset the apple cart, he may flip the whole thing over and leave the scene in ruins. Because if Justin Gaethje does the unthinkable and defeats the top contender this weekend, there will be tears shed.

El Cucuy Tony Ferguson And Justin Gaethje Ufc Lightweights.
Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje faceoff UFC 249

Tony is undeniably the guy with the best chance of taking down Khabib. Unorthodox in every conceivable way, he’s got the skills and mindset to push the champion. But now, on the eve of the very first UFC card since the Coronavirus pandemic. Tony faces a fighter, who like him, will leave everything in the octagon. Gaethje’s own brand of slobber knocker technical brawling is a handful for anyone. But will it be enough to hand Tony his first loss in almost seven years?

Well, if Ferguson continues to have the same run in luck that has seen him fall at the last hurdle on multiple occasions. I would not put it past those higher powers to swat him down, as we welcome Justin Gaethje to the Interim lightweight title and the position of number one contender. Now I’m not saying this will happen, but it might! Bloody hell, just about anything can and has happened at this point.

The Curse Of El Cucuy

Is Tony paying for the bad deeds of his alter ego El Cucuy? Have all those poor souls he has been stealing down through the years finally caught up and exacted revenge? With the sheer amount of occasions, Khabib vs Tony has been called off. In the end, it required a higher power to step in and bring a worldwide plague upon us to stop them ever fighting.

Perhaps it is just not meant to be and Tony never gets his opportunity. For one reason or another, with five attempts to make the fight happen all falling through. It may be fair to say that this fight is simply a non-starter. But should it be pushed any further, with a sixth date set? God only knows what may befall humanity?

Is Tony Ferguson the type of guy to lose his shot or will history prove me and many others wrong? Can he turn the negative into a positive and somehow by the grace of God almighty claim the UFC lightweight crown? To date, outside of the acts of pre-fight training insanity, he has done everything that can be asked of him. And for now, at least, any potential fight against Khabib is merely daydreaming.

That being said, a tear up against Justin Gaethje isn’t exactly a bad fight to make. In fact, is a great bloody fight and when I say bloody I mean, bloody! As these two will no doubt go hell for leather, its the only way they know how! And come Saturday night, we find out who walks or crawls away the victor, so all eyes on the main event at UFC 249.

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