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TJ Dillashaw (C) vs Cody Garbrandt || The Deuxl • A Tale of Two Swords • Breakdown ᴴᴰ

TJ Dillashaw vs Cody No Love Garbrandt || The Deuxl • A Tale of Two Swords • Breakdown.

In their second contest, long-time team…..you know all of the back story, that’s not my role in the universe. Instead, we will dissect the difference in fight philosophy and weapons of the two best 135 lb fighters on the planet.

TJ Dillashaw is proving his case among the elite p4p fighters on the roster, and if he keeps up, all-time. With each fight, we see not only the sharpening of his swords. But new attacks routed in fundamentals and “wowed” in their artistry.

With Cody Garbrandt we are seeing a very young lion. With the speed and athletic prowess to become a legend of the sport. And while I won’t be covering much “emotion” or “cerebral cortex elasticity”. I will explore an element of a topic discussed on the Obviously Fight Talk Podcast brought up by Noel. “Will Cody’s emotional state be a factor…?”. Let’s see if we can get to the heart of the matter here, cheers.

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