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Tim Elliott Vs. Tagir Ulanbekov (Flyweight) UFC 272

Tim Elliott and Tagir Ulanbekov faced off in an exciting UFC fight that showcased their skills and determination. The flyweight bout took place on a highly anticipated fight card, and both fighters were eager to make their mark in the division.

In the first round, Elliott came out with his signature unorthodox style, constantly moving and looking for openings. He utilized his reach advantage to keep Ulanbekov at bay, landing crisp jabs and leg kicks. Ulanbekov, known for his grappling prowess, attempted to close the distance and secure takedowns, but Elliott showcased his exceptional takedown defense, stuffing most of Ulanbekov’s attempts.

As the fight progressed into the second round, Ulanbekov made adjustments and started finding success with his striking. He landed powerful hooks and crosses, rocking Elliott and forcing him to retreat. However, Elliott showed tremendous heart and resilience, recovering quickly and retaliating with wild flurries of his own. The exchanges were fast-paced and intense, with both fighters refusing to back down.

In the third round, Ulanbekov’s grappling skills started to shine. He managed to secure a takedown and took control on the ground, demonstrating his superior control and ground-and-pound. Elliott fought valiantly from his back, attempting submissions and scrambling to regain his feet. However, Ulanbekov maintained his dominance, landing heavy shots and controlling the position until the end of the round.

Entering the championship rounds, both fighters were visibly fatigued but continued to push forward. Elliott showed his incredible durability, absorbing powerful strikes from Ulanbekov and returning fire with wild haymakers. Ulanbekov, on the other hand, maintained his composure and continued to mix his strikes with takedown attempts, keeping Elliott guessing.

In the fifth and final round, exhaustion was evident, but the determination of both fighters was unwavering. Elliott dug deep, displaying his unrelenting pace and volume striking, while Ulanbekov showcased his technical precision and counters. The round ended with both fighters leaving it all in the octagon, engaging in a thrilling exchange until the final bell.

When the judge’s decision was announced, it was Tagir Ulanbekov who emerged victorious. His well-rounded skill set and effective grappling proved to be the difference in a closely contested fight. Nevertheless, Tim Elliott’s relentless pressure and unorthodox style made for an exhilarating matchup, and he showcased his resilience and heart throughout the fight.

The battle between Tim Elliott and Tagir Ulanbekov was a testament to the talent and determination of both fighters. It was a back-and-forth affair that had fans on the edge of their seats. While Ulanbekov ultimately secured the win, both fighters left the octagon with their heads held high, having put on a memorable performance for the fans and solidifying their positions in the flyweight division.

57 / 100
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