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James Gallagher – THE STRABANIMAL Interview in Iceland

James Gallagher Bantamweight Interview in Iceland

A nice video interview with up and coming Irish amateur “The Strabanimal” James Gallagher who is an 18-year-old MMA fighter from SBG Dublin, Ireland. In this mini-doc, he talks about what it’s like to train in Iceland. A location his team has visited many times over the years for their pre-fight camps.

He explains how at a very young age of 13, he had his very first fight in his hometown of Strabane Northern Ireland. And how he forged his relationship with his coach and mentor SBG head coach John Kavanagh. Gallagher made the decision at a very young age that he would make MMA his career. And it was not an easy decision that his parents fully understood.

Yet now as a rising prospect in the sport, James Gallagher is very much a fighter to look out for on the International scene. While he does often receive a lot of flack for what many see as him mimicking the same style and attitude of his famous teammate Conor McGregor, Gallagher is still very much his own man.

In this interesting one on one interview, we get to hear more from the still very young in the fight game Irish mixed martial artist. Where he sees himself now and where his next step will be in his career and in life.

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