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Tenshin Nasukawa Is The Future | 18 YEAR OLD FIGHTING GENIUS

Tenshin Nasukawa a fighting genius

119 wins by age 18, Tenshin Nasukawa is a not just a highly-skilled warrior, but a child prodigy. Thank you for joining me on this special segment where we take a deeper look into this young mans fighting style.

“An amateur record of 99-5, professional record 17-0, 13 of which ko’s and a rizin mma record of 3-0, all amassed at the age of 18, indicating that Tenshin Nasukawa is probably still in high school if not just out of.

That’s insane. Those are the kinds of stats you see in an anime exaggerating the main character, and with his fancy hair, I’m pretty he’s on his way to being serialised in one. As unreal as that may sound, this kid is the real deal and the reasons why are transparent even at first glance. Let’s dive a little deeper in our understanding of this child prodigy.

TENSHIN Fighting Style

Lawrence kenshin mentioned that Tenshin’s fighting style was a high level of kickboxing and muay Thai, but tapology indicates his core style is actually Kyokushin karate. He does have the capacity to mix up his combinations fluidly with knees and elbows.

But he definitely looks more karate in his sense for rhythm and lightness. Even throwing flashier high skills kicks known in kyukoshin, like the rolling thunder or Kyokushin wheel kick.

Definitely spinning back kicks and such in his mix up as well, he’s this mix of technical prowess and flash all done so clean. So seamlessly, effortlessly, it looks normal, like he isn’t even trying, that it’s just a natural expression of his being…

What’s even more incredible, is the why strikes, it’s almost as if the art and science of boxing is being used at that high level in all of his strikes, kicks and all… That ability to understand rhythm, feel and exploit the half beat with devastating speed yet surgical precision…

Reading reactions with each strike, attuning the next strike based upon the first, with a firm understanding of feints. And a near instantaneous reaction for counter punches… Tenshin is a prodigy who at 18 is a whole package stand up fighter…

Precise, fluid, light on his feet, blinding speed, with a recovery time in between each of his strikes just as incredible as the speed of his execution. All tightly knit in crisp, clean technical form.

NASUKAWA The Southpaw

Tenshin is also a southpaw which may also partially explain his fighting capacity. Southpaws have an inherent advantage in combat simply because of their novelty, there’s less of them.

This essentially means on average we will have less experience training with someone who uses a southpaw stance. And because their striking philosophy has differences vs Orthodox, they will have a slight if not great knowledge advantage over their opponents. Whilst the southpaw has a sea of orthodox fighters to refine their style, their philosophy against.

Also, because the lead foot is typically blocked by the opponent’s lead foot, it’s harder to step in with a jab. Alongside the opponent’s lead hand also blocking yours, but due to the dynamic of how we conventionally guard, with a southpaw.

You both also become more open to each others power hands, to which the southpaw who has more experience, is given that edge in increased KO potential. In a game of inches, that could mean meters based upon the experience of the opponent.

The Mental Game

When I look at tenshin, I see a super computer. He is completely unemotional. He has the same face as faker playing an impossibly high skill cap computer game. But Tenshin is doing it in the high stakes world of unarmed combat, a world full of real consequences…

That Calm is what gives him his fluidity, allows his clean technical prowess, his ability to articulately solve the problem before him based upon what each moment calls, quickly, yet efficiently. Without it, that mind of absolute pure ice, tenshin would not be what he is, a genius.”

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