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Teddy Atlas Breaks Down How Mayweather & McGregor Could Beat Each Other

Teddy Atlas Talks How Mayweather or McGregor Can Win

Legendary boxing trainer Teddy Atlas is a man who is never short of a few words, well many words actually. He has had plenty to say about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match this coming August 26th. Which is now just two and a half weeks away people!

Atlas joined ESPN SportsCenter to give his breakdown of how the fight can be won, by either man. Now even though Teddy has already put his cards on the table and told us he doesn’t see any other person winning than Floyd.

Perhaps the sweet green got the New York native. To be a bit more open to other possible scenarios playing outcome fight night. Those being a possible win by the MMA fighter who is turning his hand to the sweet science. UFC two-division champion Conor McGregor.

Atlas makes it clear to us by saying that Floyd is the much more experienced, skilled and accomplished boxer. In his words, Floyd is the only actual boxer in this fight. And he will approach the fight as he has done throughout his life.

Floyd is a counter puncher, so what he will do as he has always done is invite McGregor in a bit. Then land his shot. He comes in with a big punch,

“Slip it, then Bang!”

He talks about how Pacquiao was a great fighter, a southpaw and he couldn’t get near Floyd. His straight right hand, the southpaw killer. Which Floyd can do all night long. Now he’s 40, he has had 2 years off from boxing!

Everyone wants to see McGregor be aggressive. But in most of his fights, he has been a counter puncher. But how do you counter punch one of the greatest counter punchers of all time? Well if you get him near the ropes.

98% of the time Floyd moves in the one direction, to the right. Making you follow what he wants you to follow so you don’t see the trick. Following the head, but the body ain’t’ moving. So go for the body, it’s right there.

Go downstairs, bang to the body. bang it like a drum. That’s what makes the sound, maybe the sound of victory, who knows.

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